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The Elevation podcast

Nov 3, 2020

In this Episode Peter & Jeanine discuss the risks & benefits of the HPV & Flu shot.

A few things they discuss includes:

*Death as a side effect listed in the package inserts.

*The fast trafficking of the HPV shot and the 500 deaths associated with it.

*Lack of proof that the HPV shot protects against Cervical cancer.

*Manipulation of research & lack of a true inert placebo.

*Aluminum & its neurotoxic effects.

*The creator of the HPV shot herself stated the risks from the shot are worse than the actual viruse.

*Ovarian failure is the major side effect of the HPV shot.

*We discuss vaccine injury court.

*The Flu shot and its lack of efficacy.

*Ingredients in the flu shot.

*Is there really a Flu season?

*Safe vaccines do not exist.

*Building natural immunity.